A strategic partnership based on the dependable delivery of superior quality products.

Rocked Medical is the superior shipping bottle and catheter supply distributor. Get Better Living Now.

  • Same day shipping in most cases.
  • Multiple locations for max efficiency/savings.

Customer Care

  • Sharing Service with Hospitals
  • Handles all types of insurance coverage, including private insurers & Medicare/Medicaid.
  • Patients are shipped drainage supplies to their home regardless of their insurance.

Expert guidance through transition process:

  • We know what it takes to change and manage supply distribution in large institutions.
  • Take phone calls away from the hospital

Costs in Check

We keep your costs in check.

Staff Support
Rocket offers training and support to home health agency staff.

Quality Products
Unique design features and diverse inventory

Rocket Medical IPC
Design Features and Product Diversity

  • Safety valve with unique locking system, which:
    • Prevents fluid & air leaks
    • Prevents accidental disconnection
    • Prevents loss of valve caps
    • Minimizes potential contamination

Rocket Medical IPC
Design Features and Product Diversity

  • Bottle Base
    • Legs add stability
  • Three Size Options
    • Drainage options reduce cost

Rocket Medical IPC
Design Features and Product Diversity

  • Design allows the caregiver total control over flow rate.
  • Customer feedback indicates that more control reduces anxiety and pain.
  • Unique flow control reduces risk of vacuum release prior to catheter connection.

Rocket Drainage/Access Line
Design Features and Product Diversity

  • Connects to collection device (Pleurovac, wall suction etc.)
  • Included in all insertion sets

Thoracic Surgery and Interventional Pulmonology

Less comprehensive kit, streamlining ONLY what’s needed for VATS procedure for better value.

Valve Replacement Kit:

IPC Universal Adapter

  • Connect Rocket Medical IPC bottles, drainage lines, etc. to IPC’s
  • Included in all drainage options

We Offer Unique Benefits to Hospitals:

  • Expert guidance through transition
    • Training Provided
    • Familiar Systems
  • Smart packing & shipping
    • Drainage supplies packaged in units of five
    • Easier storage and less waste
    • Three-Year Shelf Life

Flexibility to meet the growing needs of hospitals

  • Kits with & without Lidocaine
  • Cost Saving Options
  • Consignment Programs
  • Bundling combinations to meet hospital SOP’s

Rocket Medical Support: We have a full team to support you!

  • Clinical Specialist
  • Sales Representatives
  • Customer Service
  • Medical Consultants
  • Support for visiting nurses
  • Commitment to patient follow-up
  • Online Support