Dedicated to building market share for emerging, high-growth, market-ready medical devices and medical diagnostics, Legacy Scientific is unique sales and marketing medical distributor.

Working with individual medical device and diagnostic companies, we build trusted relationships to establish agreements with those who are looking to build a presence in the United States. Our mission is to provide our partners with the market share and traction necessary to maximize short and long-term profits. We accomplish this with our highly trained and experienced sales and marketing team, which specialize in medical supply distribution for areas such as:

  • Fluid Management: Our partners at Rocket Medical are among the innovative industry leaders in pleural and peritoneal catheter supplies. Rocket Medical features same day shipping for many of their products, with staff support and training for home health agencies. Rocket Medical catheter products are low cost, efficient, and come with a variety of options to fit your medical company’s needs.
  • Radiology Prevention: BloxR radiology protection products are known to drastically decrease the amount of radiation exposure to doctors’ hands during critical thermal imaging procedures. Learn more about our radiology supply products and become a partner today.
  • Airway Management: From Combi, we are proud to be a medical distributor for the all-in-one disposable laryngoscope set for next-level airway management. These unique scopes offer a unique, necessary test-in-bag feature as well along with a strong metal blade for reliability and efficiency for your medical care needs.

By creating separate dedicated sales teams to accomplish our goals, we can gain better insight into medical areas such as Thoracic Oncology, Interventional Pulmonology, Interventional Radiology, and more.